I am a design leader, team builder, and user evangelist.

My focus is on designing user experiences for emerging technologies, aiming to reduce complexity and deliver measurable value to users. I bring these solutions to life through SaaS, PaaS and mobile applications.


Serving as a catalyst for team synergy and brand awareness. Elevating the team conversation and growing the skillset.

User Evangelist

We are the voice of the user, always pursuing the most intuitive product experience and brand adoption.


Delivering solid, proven execution based on data-driven user research analysis and market validation.

North Star Guide

Providing a vision for the future state
(+ Escape Velocity), while satisfying product design and business goals.

Select Product Design Work

Additional Figma files of recent design and research projects are available upon request, including healthcare, medical, and scientific applications. Please feel free to contact me for more information.
IoT, Spatial Logistics and Healthcare through ML/AI
Bringing Unique Visibility to Cloud Data Management
Jasper SaaS/Mobile (Led to Acquisition by Cisco)
web ui/ux
AI Enabled App Supporting Health and Nutrition Management
web ui/ux
Jasper Mobile App for Status & Usage
Cisco Marketplace for 3rd Party Apps
iPad Mobile Customer Management App
Driver's Rideshare Financial Mgmt App

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